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Published April 17, 2019

Rock Out With Your Bok Out is so much more than just ‘tits and puns’ – after an outrageous start, the show moves through topics such as potty training, polyamory, and sex – with a healthy smattering of puns throughout for good measure. The show is a mix of stand up, story-telling, wacky characters, and pantomime. Lauren Bok’s highly physical humour and miming is just as good as her wickedly funny stand up, and she has the audience in stitches over everything from stories about Rockstar misadventures to mimes about ‘the orgasm gap’.

Feminist undertones run through the show, with the odd, more explicitly feminist moment. Lauren Bok is adept at weaving more serious issues throughout what was otherwise an hour that had the audience guffawing with laughter. One such serious moment which deserves a mention was the MICF’s pilot of ‘Light the Way Home’ – which provides female, trans, non-binary and other vulnerable performers with free uber rides home from their gigs. If you would like to find out more or donate, further info can be found at the MICF website. Bok masterfully grafts these serious moments into the show in such a seamless way that they never detract from the overall feeling that you’ve just laughed your guts out at a comedy show.

Lauren Bok seamlessly interacts with the audience. The intimate setting of Crowded In The Vaults lends itself perfectly to her relatable humour and witty interactions with the audience, which are generally raunchy and cheeky, and always well-received. Bok comes across as naturally hilarious; not one of her plays to the audience fell flat or felt like it was trying too hard.

Rock Out With Your Bok Out is fast-paced and highly physical; a believable Bokstar, Lauren Bok barely pauses for breath. Bok is infectiously enthusiastic, and the atmosphere she creates has the audience hanging off her every word (or mime!). Before you know it, the hour is up, and the audience is left begging for an encore.

Rock Out With Your Bok Out is on at Crowded In The Vaults: Vault 12 at 7:10pm until 21 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets, show details and accessibility information can be found via the MICF website.

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