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Published April 10, 2019

Laurie Black is done with Earth. The planet’s oceans are now over-plasticised, our world leaders are profuse in corruption and there is a creeping of light pollution that is getting worse by the day. All this and more assists Laurie’s decision to look elsewhere to call her home. Space Cadette is an enchanting, musical feat that follows the bodacious Brit, covered in green body paint and armed with a piano and accompanying synthesisers, on a journey above the stars.

The self-proclaimed “humanphobe” and “personist” exclaims her animosity towards her fellow man and admits that her heart belongs to her true love – The Moon. From here on, the audience is taken on a trip that’s full of surprises and catchy numbers galore. A fun frolic in science fiction that had the room singing along and indulging in their imaginations. Propelled by well composed originals and pop song parodies, Laurie’s cabaret expertise, cheeky disposition and knowledge of the universe kept us all engaged and emotionally invested until the end. As well as being a talented musician, her humour was wonderfully dark and bursting with pop culture and astronomical references which were received admirably by the crowd.

Profound in social commentary and defiant in its objective, Space Cadette is the kind of performance that while millennial in production its very traditional in heart. What it has in its few flaws, such as questionable motives, it tremendously outweighs in enjoyment and entertainment. Rock and roll geeks and space nerds, unite! Laurie Black’s show is enthralling, extravagant and truly something out of this world.


Space Cadette is on at 10pm at the Butterfly Club until 11 April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available at the venue or via the MICF website.

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