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Published April 4, 2019

Call the girls on your pink Motorola flip phone, grab your impulse and head over to the Trades Hall for a tear-inducingly hilarious trip down memory lane.  Whether you were a teen in the 2000s or not, the Noughty Girls’ nostalgic mayhem will make your day.

The pitch for this show goes something like: the 2000s, but make it happen on a 2x2m stage and *woke*.  This high energy show is wildly hilarious, with killer dance routines and rewritten songs that’ll take you straight back to that high school talent show all those years ago… The trio (Kimberley Greaves, Hannah Grace Fulton and Courtney Ammenhauser) are exceptionally talented – picking between the songs, dances, and comedy would be a challenge. The show is so well put together that by the end you’re both sad its over and relieved that now your abs can recover from all the laughing.

The 2000s may feel like not that long ago, but the Noughty Girls are here to remind you of all the memorable and iconic aspects of being a teen in the 2000s.  With distinctly feminist undercurrents, Noughty Girls shows how attitudes have moved on – from the misogyny we accept in our music to the grooming habits we take for granted.

The show is outrageous, but the delivery is so on point and sharp that the cheekiness never feels gratuitous.  The costumes that get used to affect the flashbacks are another highlight of the show – if you’ve never seen gluten fangirls or a cabaret about waxing you may just need to go check it out; it’s not an experience words can do justice to!

There’s a reason Noughty Girls has had such phenomenal success at Perth FRINGE WORLD, Adelaide Fringe and Sydney Comedy Festival – don’t miss them while they’re here for MICF!


Noughty Girls is on at a range of times at Trades Hall until 21 April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets, show details and accessibility information can be found via the MICF website.

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