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Published April 6, 2019

Sonia Di Iorio has been a favourite amongst Melbourne comedy rooms for the last few years, even winning Spleen’s 2017 Comedian of the Year. This year’s show proves she’s stronger than ever with Sonia delightfully dissecting her life and insecurities, in her bluntly humorous style. Her show’s title, Glory Box, refers to the name of the keepsafe used to hold clothes and household items to be opened and used post marriage. It’s a tradition which became an ironic symbol as she regaled the audience with stories of erroneous relationships from Melbourne and her country of origin, Italy.

Sonia doesn’t take life too serious, which is clearly evident as she compares her own to that of her mother and her nonna. This care-free attitude was even more substantial when, on this particular Sunday night, she had to perform to myself and one other person. Full credit to Sonia  – this did not seem to phase her one bit. Professional and performing with high spirits, full energy and a relaxed persona, she made us feel like a full room, constantly keeping us laughing out loud through the whole show as well as ensuring that our intimate performance was far from awkward.

Quick witted, tight and oozing with confidence, Glory Box abhors steps away from traditions and nostalgia while giving Sonia a platform to embrace who she is rather than who she’s expected to be. Her earnest character is delivered with enough warmth and brass that it was tough to leave the show without sharing in the triumph of the comedian’s overcoming of her expectations thrust upon her by traditional values.


Glory Box is on at 8:40pm at the Coopers Inn until 21 April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets are available from the comedy festival website or at the venue.

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