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Published April 9, 2019

From ABC show and radio host, to cancellations and controversy, to ABC show and internet radio host (not to mention podcaster), Wil Anderson has been one of the most recognised and influential voices in Australian comedy of the last two decades. Now in his consecutive 23rd year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, his popularity and approachable charisma has yet to be altered. His quick wit and relatable content has always been his core strength, as well as his disciplined approach to write consistently high quality shows, and Wil-Informed continues this trend in spectacular fashion.

Kicking into gear after a brief conversation with audience members, as he traditionally likes to begin, Wil lamented about facing the truth that he was a middle aged man. He’s accepted that the glory days for straight white men were over, and that the world might be next. The theatre was locked in, anticipating how the trustworthy comedian would put his original spin on these topics and more.

Wil Anderson is someone that can be relied on to respectfully discuss hot button issues, because not only has he proved himself a good comedian, he’s just as good a human being. His jokes are rarely mean-spirited enough to generally offend  but also offer a hard enough impact to cut deep into the targets he obviously wants to undermine. He proves himself, yet again, to be the people’s comedian, and it clearly shows by the wide demographics he attracts at each show.

Fans of Gruen were treated to his breakdown of a recent Gillette ad that was aggressively criticised and he spoke to the middle aged in all of us with his spiel on the difficulties with internet passwords and artificial intelligence. It also wouldn’t be a Wil Anderson show without your fairshare of puns, wordplay and callbacks.

Well structured story telling and carefully articulated premises are what you’re guaranteed when seeing a Wil Anderson show. Wil-Informed is one of Wil’s most prominent shows and will have you leaving with plenty to talk and think about. He keeps you captivated throughout the hour and expertly snipes you with large amounts of laughter, enough to truly assert his place as a master of the art.


Wil-Informed is on at 7pm at the Comedy Theatre until 21 April as part of the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets, show details and accessibility information can be found via the MICF website.

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