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Published August 25, 2019

Pop Culture-y is a website that is curious to explore how different mediums can be used to explore pop culture phenomenon, and how these famous (or infamous) figures can be re-imagined in different settings. Artist Neil Wright wondered “what it (maybe) would look like if pop-culture’s most famous villains & heroes owned motorhomes”, and has created several artworks which will have become the basis of a weekly series “On The Road Again”. This is the fourth installment – . See the previous installations here, here, or here.

The famous heroes and antiheroes of comic books, TV, and cinema all have human creators and express themselves, presumably, how the author imagines they would express themselves if they were their own creations. This form of personality-expression is everywhere in pop culture as it is in the real world, and becomes more discernible as the strength and influence of the characters increases.

The Harry Potter Express

This one was unquestionably the most difficult — and also the most interesting, given I had to occupy space in a psychopath’s head to furnish it. The reason behind the
challenge is that the Joker is just so hard to relate to, negatively or not. His motivations are unclear, even to himself (he once described himself as “like a dog chasing cars”.
This made me think about two things: one, that he would probably design his motorhome on impulse, listening to the dark passenger in his head; and two, he would
probably want to arouse a morbid curiosity in his would-be victims, a curiosity laden with irony and black comedy. That was my idea behind the rictus-grin style cab, and the
enticing “House of Fun”.

External view of the Joker’s scary “House of Fun” motorhome idea.
Source: Neil Wright.

As for the inside… I just went all out. A descent into madness. Like peering into the Joker’s very own cortex. Something that would strike fear and instant regret into the
curious; clashes and paradoxes that invert what seems on the surface to be a living space yet is actually something about as hospitable as outer-space. Every inch of space a
testament to the Joker’s insanity.

Internal view of the Joker’s scary “House of Fun” motorhome idea.
Source: Neil Wright.

Neil Wright is a graphic designer, writer, avid reader and probably someone with too much time on his hands. He lives in Liverpool, England.

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