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Published August 11, 2019

Pop Culture-y is a website that is curious to explore how different mediums can be used to explore pop culture phenomenon, and how these famous (or infamous) figures can be re-imagined in different settings. Artist Neil Wright wondered “what it (maybe) would look like if pop-culture’s most famous villains & heroes owned motorhomes”, and has created several artworks which will have become the basis of a weekly series “On The Road Again”. This is the second installment – Mother of Motors. See the previous installation here.

The famous heroes and antiheroes of comic books, TV, and cinema all have human creators and express themselves, presumably, how the author imagines they would express themselves if they were their own creations. This form of personality-expression is everywhere in pop culture as it is in the real world, and becomes more discernible as the strength and influence of the characters increases.

The Mother of Motors

It wouldn’t be too much of a challenge to be the “Mother of Motors” in Essos or Westeros – as nothing even close to the motor exists. Like with the Darth Vader illustrations, my subconscious had already put the shift in before me. Daenerys was very pro-spreading her brand. She had to if she was ever to get the word out that she was the rightful heir to the iron throne.

The colours she favours are dark and foreboding (suitable for a woman in charge of dragons) and, most importantly, state intent. The Targaryen sigil and ‘Dracarys’ license plate only add to this. All work together to command fear and respect (but mostly respect), and to immediately make a statement that the mother of dragons is in town, so watch out!

The Iron Throne probably wouldn’t be on the top, but it does look cool, so in the end it could not be dethroned. And, naturally, the red-tinted windows were not something that could be compromised on. A queen requires privacy after all.

External view of the Game of Thrones inspired Targaryen motorhome idea.
Source: Neil Wright.

Bizarrely, I found the interior of Daenerys’ motorhome easier to visualise than the exterior — It was the opposite with the Vader designs. I figured Daenerys has been in isolation on Essos for so long, that she will inevitably have come to fashion herself with its culture. But others could argue that her longing for Westeros might have shaped the interior as a sort of pseudo-Westeros style living quarters, working with only what she remembers and has heard about. 

The internal view of the Game of Thrones inspired motorhome art. Source: Neil Wright.

I have no trouble thinking she wouldn’t be averse – and might even comfortably enjoy – an imitation Dothraki sitting area to make do for a living room. 

Neil Wright is a graphic designer, writer, avid reader and probably someone with too much time on his hands. He lives in Liverpool, England.

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