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Published September 2, 2019

Pop Culture-y is a website that is curious to explore how different mediums can be used to explore pop culture phenomenon, and how these famous (or infamous) figures can be re-imagined in different settings. Artist Neil Wright wondered “what it (maybe) would look like if pop-culture’s most famous villains & heroes owned motorhomes”, and has created several artworks which will have become the basis of a weekly series “On The Road Again”. This is the fourth installment – . See the previous installations here, here, here, or here.

The famous heroes and antiheroes of comic books, TV, and cinema all have human creators and express themselves, presumably, how the author imagines they would express themselves if they were their own creations. This form of personality-expression is everywhere in pop culture as it is in the real world, and becomes more discernible as the strength and influence of the characters increases.

Sheldon Cooper’s USS Bazinga 

This was the only motorhome that I could physically envision Sheldon Cooper building himself, from the ground up; blueprints to the paint job. And why not? Dr Cooper has a generous salary, obsessive personality, and is touted as the greatest genius since Einstein. 

Given that Sheldon very much wears his personality on his sleeve, being a physicist with a love for space, Star Wars and Star Trek, and is a huge fan of The Flash, I would be taken aback if someone else had a different design in mind. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be called ‘Bazinga’. Maybe it would be named after Amy…

The external view of a potential Sheldon Cooper’s motorhome.
Source: Neil Wright.

Sheldon Cooper is not a comic book hero. But he does have plenty of comic book heroes. Couple this with his enthusiastic pleasure for geeky memorabilia, and his dislike of anything from out of his comfort zone, and what else can we possibly entertain other than the literal transplantation of Sheldon’s apartment? It would totally make sense for his motorhome to be home to all of the things he loves, from comic books, to his Fun with Flags props; even his couch with “Sheldon’s spot” on it.

The internal view of a potential Sheldon Cooper’s motorhome.
Source: Neil Wright.

Conclusion: A convincing motorcade?

Home is where the heart is and the home is the extension of oneself. I’m sure if I were a fictional character with all the resources my creator could muster, my motorhome would rival any of the above, too.

But what do you think? Do any of these motorhomes live up to expectations? Or would you have imagined them to be different? And why? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Neil Wright is a graphic designer, writer, avid reader and probably someone with too much time on his hands. He lives in Liverpool, England.

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