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Published September 26, 2019

Kiwifruit – An Autobiography is nothing short of a delight. It’s everything you want to see in an independent show, perfect for an event like the Melbourne Fringe Festival. The venue is intimate and the word endearing comes to mind. The stage and some ace sound-effects paint the picture of an old, wizened man sitting in his study, surrounded by books and grandchildren, aka the audience, in front of a fire regaling you with the exploits of his youth.

The show in its entirety could be described at wholesome. Not for its content, but for the intimate, friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Again, not for its content, that’s just straight-up funny and not entirely PG-13. Performer Simon Hawkings displays intelligence, humanity and humour as the 100 year old comedian. He is relatable and so, so human. His joy is infectious, and so is his sadness. It’s impossible not to fall in love with him on stage doing what he so clearly loves.

Hawkings takes you through his life, skipping the boring bits in the most unexpected and charming of ways. He is a talented comedian and comedic actor, embodying different versions of himself and his family members in an exploration of who he is as a person and how he became it. He delves into his childhood (briefly), his relationship with is weight, his sexuality and not only finding himself, but finding happiness.

It’s hard to put into words the way this show makes you feel, but connected to humanity and thoroughly amused are some of the things that come to mind. Kiwifruit – An Autobiography is well worth going to see at this years fringe. And if Hawkings gives the show another run, it’ll be well worth seeing then too.


Kiwifruit – an Autobiography is on at Crowded in the Vaults (Pilgrim Bar) as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Tickets can be purchased from the Fringe website.

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