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Published September 25, 2019

SADx is as advertised, the TED talk nobody asked for. And yet, the talk that needed to happen. Welcoming you into the beautiful Campari House venue is what can only be described as sad elevator music, subtle and soothing, but with overwhelmingly morose undertones chiming in the background while you get comfy close to the stage.

Erin Hill does a wonderful job of turning every Ted talk presenter ever into one clearly identifiable caricature. From the stilted, jerky hand movements, to the thoughtful mind-sentence pauses and of course, an American accent. Hill literally gives a presentation on depression, sadness and the societal influences thereof.

This presentation is sporadically interrupted by Hill, performing a truthful story time-esque/standup hybrid on her personal experiences with mental health. While not roll on the floor hilarious, Hill’s words are thoughtful, poignant and most of all, important. This is again interrupted by the ‘sadularette’, another take on a popularised medium. These short sketches are possibly the highlight (in terms of hilarity) of the show.

If you yourself are struggling with mental health, know someone who is, or know someone who needs a bit of education on the subject, SADx is the perfect medium to facilitate the conversation.

SADx is on at Campari House as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019. Tickets are available from the Fringe website.

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