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Published March 4, 2020

The atmosphere around the Abbotsford Farmer’s Market on a Saturday is soothing and idyllic, the perfect setting for a a clown show about sustainability.

FIX IT, a quirky and unique take on the current issue of sustainability and environmental issues currently plaguing our world, is the newest from Anna Thomson. Performed outside at the market for anyone that cares to stop and observe.

Photo by Marty Stringer

It’s definitely an interesting production – one that requires the audience to look beyond the exterior of what they’re viewing, to understand the underlaying message of it all. Dressed as a a clown with an almost handy-man style to it, Thomson entertains for the entirety of the show. Exaggerated movements as wet floor signs and markers are placed throughout the performance area and over-the-top motions to retrieve items from seemingly never-ending pockets.

This was a fantastic show for the surrounding children to observes – while they may not have understood the underlaying themes woven amongst the amusing clown antics, ideally the message is something that will stick with them as they get older. The seed of thought that everyone has an obligation to do the best they can to address the growing environmental issues within the world, and that a lack of action will only increase the overall damage that is caused.

FIX IT is a show that attempts to highlight the need for fast action on climate change and the importance of everyone doing their part – no matter how small. A fantastic way to spend the morning after a browse through the market.

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