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Author: justinstephens

I am the founder of the former Melbourne-based board games meetup group, Meetings With The Board (currently inactive).
I am an aspiring game designer, a feminist ally, and I like playing my ukulele.
On rainy days I like to make pillow forts and watch Firefly.

CGFCG: King of Tokyo

Justin Hallam-Stephens

When I was a little kid I consumed movies and shows about giant monsters and creatures destroying/defending big metropolis cities. Shows like The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Transformers and most specifically the Daikaiju movie series of Godzilla and Gamera. Watching these giant beasts absolutely demolish cities, my favourite moments were mostly when these giant monsters were fighting other giant monsters in this epic territorial battle.

Often I would have fantasies of all of these giant monsters all together in the one city – as their own boxing ring – to duke it out, Monsto e Monsto, and to find out once and for all, who the strongest and best of all of them was. But no movie I have ever seen has done this, so I guess I may never know.

That is until I played King of Tokyo.

CGFCG: Tsuro & Tsuro of the Seas

Justin Hallam-Stephens

Tsuro: The game of the Path

Tsuro of the Seas

When I talk about playing a ‘casual game’ I like to think of it as something I can set-up and play within an hour, no hassling around with components or waiting forever for someone to decide what to do on their turn. A casual game is something I could literally play on my lunch break at work… If I had other people to play with and no lunch to eat, of course.

Tsuro: The game of the Path and Tsuro of the Seas are two of these casual games.