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Author: mitchcunningham

Dr Mitch Cunningham completed his PhD in 2017, focusing on David Foster Wallace and the psychology of reading. Mitch enjoys alt comedy, psychoanalysis and David Lynch, and also writes songs in the band Martians of Error. Available for all freelance writing gigs going @dfosterdubs

‘I think I’d turn out like Mark Latham’ – an interview with Jordan Shanks AKA friendlyjordies

Mitch Cunningham

Comedian, YouTuber and part-time inspirational speaker Jordan Shanks is one of those people you have to describe as ‘no stranger to controversy’. His channel, friendlyjordies, is…

‘Go in there to make audiences laugh – on your terms’ – Ross Noble’s advice to new comics this MICF

Mitch Cunningham

Comedian Ross Noble is perhaps one of the world’s most loved improvisers. Known for his rapid, imaginative storytelling and gleeful audience banter, Noble is back…

Review: “For fans of the anti-joke, or connoisseurs of weird theatre, Greg Larsen’s a Grub in the Muck is a must-see”

Mitch Cunningham

As a founding member of the sketch troupe Fancy Boy, and a favourite of the Melbourne alt-comedy set, Greg Larsen has mastered the art of…