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Author: suzancalimli

Suzan Calimli is an editor, writer and food enthusiast. She draws funny little pictures in her spare time and would like to see more diversified and three-dimensional portrayals of women in film. Get a load of her dry humour at @SuzanCalimli on twitter, or follow her blog, where she posts photography and writes little nothings.

“Any art form where one can think of an idea, and be performing it minutes later… is enormously attractive and addictive” – an interview with Stuart Goldsmith

Suzan Calimli

UK comedian Stuart Goldsmith’s life has changed a lot recently. Now a parent and no longer a city dweller, Goldsmith is shaking off his misspent…

“I think as a society we need to start calling bullshit on some stuff!” – Urzila Carlson on the unacceptable

Suzan Calimli

South African stand up Urzila Carlson has become a beloved part of comedy festivals across the country, no doubt in part because of her up…