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Author: tilknowles

Pop culture commentator/void screamer. Geeky for comedy, podcasts, science fiction, books, comics, television, film and theatre. Til is a freelance writer, aspiring academic and the Melbourne editor of Pop Culture-y.

Elisa Armstrong talks forgetting history, humanising women and the dangers of entertainment for the upcoming Marie Antoinette

Til Knowles

Now spanning over 220 years, the morbid fascination with the “It Girl” of Versailles continues as Heartstring Theatre present the Australian premiere of award-winning playwright David…

‘Having another world that people can dive into helps bring that little bit of magic into our lives’ – Rian Howlett on the Museum of Lost Things

Til Knowles

Where do things go, when they’re lost? To the Inter-dimensional Lost and Found. Performer Rian Howlett has built a world of the inbetween, a fantastical…

‘It’s one of the greatest entrances in musical theatre, without fail’ – Todd McKenney on the absolute joy of playing Frank N’Furter and the outrageous fun of the Rocky Horror Show

Til Knowles

Actor, dancer and, of course, acclaimed singer Todd McKenney is about to take on a role he’s dreamt of since he started performing: Rock Horror Show’s…

‘I borrow from her strength and just keep fighting’ – Tasya Teles on relating to Echo from the 100, developing characters and pizza

Til Knowles

Actress Tasya Teles has a pretty busy schedule right now. Her character Echo has been promoted to series regular on the 100, she’s opened a restaurant…

‘No matter what, there’s a place for you’ – Caitlin Yolland and Rob Lloyd talk about magic and comedy

Til Knowles

Comedians Caitlin Yolland and Rob Lloyd have two shared loves: Harry Potter, and comedy*. From these two passions comes A Brief History of Magic, performed…

‘What better way to entertain people than with human spectacle!’ – Francesco Minniti on making circus accessible in ‘Society’

Til Knowles

Francesco Minniti was lured into circus during his time at Swinburne University. Since his student days, the actor, director, writer and circus performer has devised…