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“I’m good at punching things.” Lauren Bok, Chelsea Hughes and Megan McKay on ‘Wander Women’ & Giveaway

Til Knowles

In a basement somewhere in North Melbourne three women are rehearsing, right now. They’re testing jokes, making props and sending out press releases, working to…

“It was a poo/politics roller coaster.” Emily Taylor talks school children, comedy and ‘Backwards’

Sharona Lin

A versatile actor, writer, improviser and comedian, Emily Taylor has done it all: theatre, stand-up, film and television. Her latest project is a solo show, created…

“It’s good to know my show works with 3 audience members” – interview with comedian Murphy McLachlan

Til Knowles

Murphy McLachlan is a deeply amicable person, which helps when you’re trying every performative art form in under an hour, and also when you’re being…