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“I’ve just got to do whatever is funny about me and not try to be anybody else” – a conversation with Danielle Walker

Til Knowles

After winning RAW Comedy last year, Danielle Walker is back as part of the stellar Comedy Zone line up. Five of Australia’s best comedians present…

“Any art form where one can think of an idea, and be performing it minutes later… is enormously attractive and addictive” – an interview with Stuart Goldsmith

Suzan Calimli

UK comedian Stuart Goldsmith’s life has changed a lot recently. Now a parent and no longer a city dweller, Goldsmith is shaking off his misspent…

“Audiences never remember what you say, they only remember how you make them feel” – an interview with Frank Hampster

Til Knowles

After getting a cease and desist letter twenty four hours before his comedy festival show last year, Frank Hampster is back with The Cardinal Sins…

“I think as a society we need to start calling bullshit on some stuff!” – Urzila Carlson on the unacceptable

Suzan Calimli

South African stand up Urzila Carlson has become a beloved part of comedy festivals across the country, no doubt in part because of her up…

“We think big; if you come into one of our shows we want to give you something special” – Adam McKenzie on Watson & Go to Hell!

Nick Jones

“[My favourite word] is ‘meanwhile’. I love the word ‘meanwhile’; easiest way to get from one place in the story to another… here we are,…