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Justin Hamilton – “You have my permission to go through my paper work if I drop dead in the off chance there is a lost routine that needs an airing!”

Mitch Cunningham

Justin Hamilton’s new Comedy Festival show, Hoot, is about moving from Melbourne to Sydney… or is it?  A lot’s happened in the world of Hammo since…

“I took his girlfriend to the movies once – she had no idea it wasn’t him!” – an interview with James and Ben of the Stevenson Experience

Stacey Waters

Twinfinity is the new act from The Stevenson Experience at this year Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The musical, comedy duo is comprised of identical twin…

“It’s probably good for you” – Alice Fraser on not avoiding heavy topics, strange childhoods, and international comedy scenes

Katherine Back

  Comedian Alice Fraser has been quietly performing alongside some pretty intense day jobs for a long time. From Sydney arts law to New York…

“It’s always a good time” – Ben Russell on working with Xavier Michelides, making the absurd accessible and Nö Shöw

Til Knowles

Two veteran festival performers have come to a crossroads. It’s opening night of their brand new show and no one has purchased a ticket. With…

“I like the idea of potentially being a part of someone else’s escapism” – an interview with comedian Tommy Dassalo

Til Knowles

Tommy Dassalo has a lot of stuff going on. He’s got three podcasts on the go, runs a comedy room on Tuesday nights in Fitzroy,…

“We’re always on the lookout for that moment, to see if we can go with it” – an interview with Stephen K Amos

Mitch Cunningham

Stephen K Amos doesn’t wait for work to find him. He’s currently at the Adelaide Fringe, performing six nights a week at the Arts Centre,…