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‘What better way to entertain people than with human spectacle!’ – Francesco Minniti on making circus accessible in ‘Society’

Til Knowles

Francesco Minniti was lured into circus during his time at Swinburne University. Since his student days, the actor, director, writer and circus performer has devised…

“Fun, silly, burlesque aesthetic”: Clara Cupcakes talks Hot Patootie, a choose-your-own adventure

Nick Jones

Who is Clara Cupcakes? Clara Cupcakes is a 1920s vaudevillian, updated for the modern age so that it’s not racist. ‘Cause you know, it used…

“It’s been great to be able to create something where all the small moments between characters are engaging queer themes and also presenting them as normal, not as the ‘other'” – an interview with David Coombs

Katherine Back

David Coombs’ new production Uncovered is the only one of it’s kind at this year’s Midsumma Festival. It’s a circus show that pushes and pulls the…