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“I feel like I’m just yelling into the abyss” – Rose Callaghan on women in comedy, ADHD and community television

Til Knowles

A few weeks ago, comedian Rose Callaghan took some time out of her busy day to chat to Til Knowles about her upcoming solo show,…

“I am very lucky” – a brief interview with the eloquent Ash Williams, comedian, sports commentator and professional tweeter

Til Knowles

Ash Williams is a man of few words and excellent timing. The comedian/podcast guest/writer/host/radio presenter/gym-goer is a man of many talents, and this year he’s…

“I like the idea of potentially being a part of someone else’s escapism” – an interview with comedian Tommy Dassalo

Til Knowles

Tommy Dassalo has a lot of stuff going on. He’s got three podcasts on the go, runs a comedy room on Tuesday nights in Fitzroy,…