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‘I found confidence in drag I’d never experienced before’ – Zac Collins-Widders on the life changing power of drag

Til Knowles

Who does and doesn’t get to perform drag? This is the question that fueled the creation of Lou Wall’s Drag Race.  Fighting the perception that drag…

Review: Sir Cedric and Friends – The Beginning: a Beginner’s Guide to Begin Stand-up Comedy

Aidan Johnson

A series of comic characters played by one man, whose energy and professionalism were impressive, while a pre-recorded MC bemoaned and articulated the audience’s mild…

‘When emotions run too high, you have no choice but to sing them’ – Savannah Pederson on F*ckboys the Musical

Til Knowles

What do you do when the guy you’ve been dating turns out to be a total fuckboy? Cry? Eat your body weight in ice cream?…