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“Striking a balance between scares, thrills, drama, comedy is a fascinating one. This show has all of those elements” – Justin Stephens’ on The Woman in Black

Stacey Waters

Suspense and horror isn’t the most common theme of a live production – more than often you’ll be treated to a thorough breakdown on human…

“We hope that people will see it as an adventure” – Jaq Avery and Alice Daly on their Melbourne Fringe Production ‘Breathing Corpses’

Til Knowles

Amy keeps finding bodies in the hotel bedrooms she cleans, Jim’s been trying to ignore the smell coming from one of his self storage units,…

“In the current theatrical climate it feels like the well-written play is an Avant Garde concept” – director Ben Pfeiffer on the Melbourne premiere season of ‘Wit’

Til Knowles

I don’t mean to give away the plot, but I think I die at the end. Vivian Bearing (Jane Montgomery Griffiths) is a brilliant and…