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Published September 23, 2013

In a beautiful mesh of sweetness and vulgarity, Twice Shy will actually sweep you off your feet. With “Awwws” turning into “Arghs” the audience is taken through what seems to be ordinary day of two Melbourne dwellers, Rosemary and Jonathan – unlucky in love, completely accident prone, and really just that little bit familiar.

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Combining both film and stage, this technique works incredibly well in portraying the past, present and future (and one very memorable duet, complete with line dancing). In LOOP Bar’s cosy stage room, you’ll find yourself unintentionally immersed in the story of these two loveable characters. It actually is a show that will make you laugh despite yourself, and you are just egging on Rosemary and Jonathan to get through their days because you just can’t wait for them to meet.

The characters throughout the show are sure to at least once ring true to you, whether it be the demanding and slightly sexist boss, the inappropriate laundry man who insists on Rosemary insulting his penis, the string of horrid dates, the overbearing work colleague: there really is something there for everyone, and the best thing is hearing that one audience member laugh a little quicker than the others, a sure signal that it’s all too familiar to them.

This is a show that will leave you giggling for days afterward, and definitely take someone with you so you can share in the delights of calling someone “squirrel tooth”. Chuck it on your Melbourne Fringe schedule if you haven’t already.

Joel Checkley and Shannon Woodford

Twice Shy as a part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013

LOOP Project Space and Bar
23 Meyers Place, Melbourne

Mon 23/09 @ 8pm
Wed 25/09, Mon 30/09, Tues 1/10 @ 9pm

How Much
15, very well spent, bucks.

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