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Published May 14, 2014

Well this has potential! I hope the eventual show leans more on con-artistry than magic; not only is that more accurate, but the special effects budget seems stretched as it is. We’re finally seeing Matt Ryan’s Constantine in motion, and his accent doesn’t say “Liverpool” or even “London” so much as “help me, I’m Welsh.” Hopefully the accent (and some of his more stilted delivery) will be ironed out – he still looks the part, especially now that we’ve seen his jerky smirk in action. The trailer introduces lots of original characters and ideas – Manny the Angel in particular seems like a hoot – but fans will recognize Ravenscar Asylum and a brief shot of Astra in the there. It looks like they’ll be using Ravenscar more than the early comics ever did, and it could serve as an effective backdrop to introduce John’s often-surreal reality.

For my money, this teaser needed 500% more Chas Chandler, although most fans are probably noting the lack of John’s other permanent companion: his Silk Cut cigarettes. It seems that NBC doesn’t want its protagonist shown chain-smoking. Whether they’ll try to suggest smoking without showing it – he is shown with a fancy lighter – remains to be seen. The show certainly¬†looks good, with some spooky demons and neat magic effects. The trailer promises a lot of occult action, so old and new fans alike have some grounds here for optimism.

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