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Published September 24, 2014

Ah, Melbourne, you do love a festival. Be it comedy, arts, food and wine, film, we’re one of those cities where there’s always something happening, and people take to the streets looking for a good time. The Fringe Festival is on at the moment, bringing us an eclectic mix of performances at venues all around the city.

One such show is “Hook Up” by our old friend Nick Hedger in partnership with Ben Nicholson. Starring Michelle Brasier, Josh Ellwood, Vincent Milesi, Laura Johnston and Hedger himself, “Hook Up” is about the trials and tribulations of modern romance, what happens when Gen-Y stops partying and starts trying to settle down. Frequently hilarious, sometimes heading in unexpected directions, through music the complicated emotions of well-known situations are held to the light.


What I was particularly impressed by was how well written the female characters of the piece are. It’s all too common in “funny” shows for women to be reduced to stereotype, rolling their eyes at their idiot partners, or, of course, the comedy dumb blonde. Hedger & Nicholson stand out for having fully developed women with hopes, dreams, complicated emotional nuances that aren’t just defined by their relationships with men.

Highlights for me include a brilliant number about gay nerds trying to find the one, and “Is That What Makes A Relationship” is the perfectly fitted; a combination of hilarious desperation and sexually frustrated confusion about just what it is that makes a relationship.

If “Hook Up” is any indication – and I think it will be – I look forward to seeing more of Hedger & Nicholson’s work in festivals to come.


  • “Hook Up” is by Nick Hedger & Ben Nicholsons, and stars Michelle Brasier, Josh Ellwood, Vincent Milesi, Laura Johnston and Hedger.


  • Cabaret for Gen-Y romantics


  • 10:15pm, last show is on the 26th so go and see it now!


  • The Lithuanian Club, 44 Errol Street, North Melbourne


  • Full $25, Conc. $20

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