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Published October 1, 2014

A world where democracy has failed, and most of our blue pearl is uninhabitable due to nuclear fallout. An iron fisted judicial system is all that stands between the inhabitants of a city the size of Texas and absolute chaos.

This system, as corrupt as the cancerous criminal elements it fights with, grants its officers the power of judge, jury and executioner. Upon discovering crime, they are permitted to hand out punishment as they see fit – effective immediately.

Judge Joseph Dredd lives and breathes by the book. To him the law is the law, and only by serving it to the letter might he stand a chance to make a difference. Outside the walls of -Mega-City One-, his home, is nothing but endless miles of irradiated wasteland, The Cursed Earth.

Now at the risk of gushing, doesn’t that sound like a brilliant, rich lore? Fit for one-liners, blam-blamming, and maybe a surprisingly gender-equal action movie? In 1995, someone might have had just that think-I-can train of thought. But alas, poor reader, just like the little train that thought he could, they got half-way and it was all downhill from there.


…I’m mixing metaphors, but the point to be observed is they cast Sylvester Stallone and then immediately broke two cardinal laws of Judge Dredd. Firstly: you never see Dredd’s face without his helmet on. But of course, with a face like Sylvester’s, that helmet was always gonna come off. We gotta see that beautiful mug awkwardly play Rambo in a movie that is not Rambo, tank top and low-slung machine-guns all.

Secondly: Judge Dredd doesn’t do funny sidekicks. Now, Dredd has worked with all sorts, even Judge Death, the Judge from an alternate universe that has deemed life a crime. But he has never toted around a weasly sidekick, except in the 1995 film, played by Rob Schneider. Sorry Schneider, but if you can’t handle a gun, you’re not likely going to make the list for Judge Dredd’s carpool.


Enter the 2012 film DREDD. So rarely is it that the spirit of written literature makes the transfer into film while still whole. But this film successfully astounded critics, who had all thought another shit-liner was coming in to port. However, due to DREDD’s small fanbase and the bad taste left by the last film, Dredd had an astonishingly bad time at the box office, making only about half of what the studio put into the film.

However soon people saw the value of this film, and before long the DVD release was topping the Blu-ray best-seller lists and pulling in dough.

The film is brutal, raw, and as action packed as they come. Killer special effects, surprisingly well-rounded characters and some good ol’ fashioned Dredd. Karl Urban brings Dredd to life, capturing the stoic Judge with a brilliant level of accuracy, and thanks to the dedicated (and growing) Dredd fanbase there is a big push for a DREDD 2.

A big part of this is The Day of Dredd, October 1st. Check out the movie if you haven’t seen it, share it with a friend and get the groundswell necessary for Dredd 2 to happen!

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