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Published October 3, 2015


Have you heard of a Wingman? Not in that praise-y and colloquial way Tom Cruise used in in “Top Gun”, when he meant …actually, we’re getting off the point. As a single man, I am well aware of the duties and responsibilities that title infers. We could lose forever reading exactly what Urban Dictionary has to say on the subject. But I think you’d enjoy The Desperette’s “A Lady’s Guide to Being a Wingman” a lot more.

Daisy (Belinda Hanne Reid) – a divorcee – Deedee (Natasha York) – the very outgoing – and Delilah (Stephanie John) – the very young – are The Desperettes; modern women who know what they want – sex – and aren’t afraid to sing an outstanding variety of songs, or listen to an audiobook about how to get it.

The rules of Wingman-ing are hilariously mocked as the night out at ME – not PARADISE (Delilah has been there) – progresses; big-ing up, dancing seductively, having your friends feed you lines, to name a few. Through hilarious banter and exceptional song selection the Desperettes find their potential partners, and it is a testament to the ability of any performer to find audience members that are not horrified at the prospect of being involved, but relish it!

I have to mention the beehive hair. I know this isn’t a clever or well integrated to the text way of mentioning it, but wow. That is some hair.

Dr Sugar is your host; they’re new on the scene (it’s only been a couple of weeks since opening!) but definitely worth the time you’ll take to find them. Try the house cocktail; deliciously refreshing!

There are only two shows left (tonight and tomorrow), so get to it, people! You can book tickets to The Desperettes’ “A Lady’s Guide to Being a Wingman” via the Melbourne Fringe website; $24 Full, $22 Concession, $20PP for groups of 6+ (and trust me, this’ll make a great addition to a Girls Night Out). Plus, your “ticket” takes the form of a totally cool poker chip.

Dr. Sugar is hidden away on the corner of Clifton and King Street, Prahran. Keep your eyes open, I’m not kidding about the “hidden”.















PS: I’m told that Stephanie learnt her part in a week and a half – which is amazing.
PPS: I should mention; in the promo imagethat linked you to this review is Lisa Woodbrook, who was unable to perform due to injuries.

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