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Published January 31, 2016

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Warning: This show contains nudity, strong language, skimpy costumes and great songs!
You will leave the theatre humming something.

Three Macbethian Hags of the Female Appreciation Guild (Tash York, Natasha Guzel and Belinda Hanne-Reid) gather around a cauldron. It has been a year since they last came together to complete an annual summoning for the one man whose destiny is to change the world: Butch Masters (Mitch Ralston)! For in this world, everyone is gay; boys play with dolls, men keep the homes, girls play with trucks and aspire to be world leaders. Already different – his mothers died during his birth – Butch shares none of the interests of other, “normal” children. His adoptive mother Dr. Lucretia Smears (Amanda Buckley) is a bundle of nerves, medicating herself with tea, worried that she has raised…a heterosexual!

Flash forward to Butch’s graduation day. Slightly drunk on Cosmos, he and female friend Pussy (Isabella Valette) make-out, but are discovered by his best friend Trunch (Justin Clausen), who outs them before their entire class. Humiliated – “It meant nothing!”, “We were just experimenting!” – Butch flees to the big city, planning to start a new life with the Female Appreciation Guild. He is amazed, however, to discover that his arrival has been long foretold, and is ceremoniously granted the crown and sceptre of Leader of the FAGs, sparking revolution among heterosexuals across the globe.

Enter the villain of our piece; Bea St. Lea (Antony Steadman), a genius mad scientist. Spurned by ‘the perfect man’ in her youth, she invents The Extracula, a non-surgical sperm extracting device, eliminating the ‘need for men’s seed’ and effectively becoming ruler of the world. Naturally, the revolution poses a threat to her rule, and with the help of a secret spy dispatches her Beaver henchmen (Cat Commander and Cariad Wallace) to kill Butch. The stage is now set. Will Bea succeed in her evil plans? Will the revolution come to pass? Will Butch and Pussy FINALLY be together?


Director Dirk Hoult describes the world of Butch Masters as, “…mirrored to our own; in fact it’s through the looking glass and over the rainbow…In this world, everyone is gay: they act gay, dress gay, talk gay, and the thought of the alternative is physically repulsive (or is it?).” It’s by no means a subtle metaphor, and definitely not for the squeamish. I’ll be blunt; if you have any hang-ups, you should steer clear. But in the two plus hours I laughed so many times, even when you could see the joke coming a mile away, and the musical numbers will have you humming all the way home.

The diverse cast also features Eden Swan as Mitzi, Liam J. O’Bryne as Bradchad, Adrian LiDonni as Randy, Richard Perdriau as Ted Baker, with Ryan Smedley, David Peake, Giovanni Piccolo, Candice Sweetman, Chanelle Sheehan, Amy Dyke, Laura Raiti, and Erik Thomson as members of the Ensemble. The Book, Music & Lyrics were written by Jamie Burgess. It’s worth noting that the principal sponsor is Monash IVF, and further interesting that their services are utilised by a greater number of same-sex than heterosexual couples. They do important work, and for further enquires you can freecall 1800-628-533.

Butch Masters: Man of Destiny is at the Alex Theatre at 8pm until Feb. 6. as part of the Midsumma Festival. Tickets can be purchased here, or at the door.

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