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Published March 25, 2016

Ah, those awkward teenage years. Your body’s a mess of hormones and acne, your parents don’t understand you, you start experimenting with alcohol, your budding sexuality bubbles to the surface…it’s amazing anyone makes it out alive.


Although no longer a teenager anymore, Victoria Healy sure remembers it well. She also started dating a girl last year, and in The Vick Van Dyke Show we join her on a personal, but very relatable journey along the spectrum of human sexuality. For some, it’s a huge, controversial issue. For others, like Vic’s dad, it’s nowhere near as important as what footy team you support. From that first drunken fumble, to masturbation, to oral, Vic is not afraid of being candid about sex, and will leave you nodding in agreement as you fill the room with laughter. Oh, and there’s also a VERY unauthorised use for an Impulse Deodorant can.


The Vic Van Dyke Show is at the Imperial Hotel on Bourke St at 6pm until April 3. Prices $15 – $18.

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