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Published September 17, 2016

As is always the case with successful films in this day and age (Jurassic World grossed over a billion dollars in 2015), much is expected of the upcoming sequel to Jurassic World. You can always tell just how successful a film series is by how much merchandise is out there and the Jurassic Park franchise is certainly racking up an impressive amount of merch points with boards games, online casino games and of course the obligatory mugs and t-shirts. However, with so little information being released by the studio, what do we actually know about the film which is is being pitched as the ultimate box office hit of 2018?

Possible Plots

Most information at present is based pretty much on conjecture – apart from knowing that it will be released on 22nd June 2018, we can only create a likely story by combining information garnered from the crumbs we are thrown from the scriptwriters’ table, and what we have already seen in the previous films. In Jurassic World, John Hammond’s theme park wasn’t looking too successful to say the least, so perhaps the sequel will steer away from this plot line and race headlong into something even more exciting. If we follow possible leads, namely those left by the character Commander Vic Hoskins, whose last moments were spent attempting to ensure dinosaur DNA could be used to create hybrid dinosaurs to be used in wars, we could predict one possible storyline for the much anticipated sequel.

More Films to Come

Universal studio’s Chair, Donna Langley has said there will be at least two more Jurassic movies, which gives scope for an epic extended storyline to be spread over at least three films, or are we potentially going to be looking at prequels here? Never say that studios don’t squeeze every last drop of lifeblood from a franchise – maybe they’ll do both. While we wait for these questions to be answered, we can always turn to the merchandise that is available to calm our cravings for all things Jurassic.


Online Games

One of the most popular Jurassic-themed diversions is Lucky Nugget’s Jurassic Park game which includes five different dinosaurs symbols and four symbols based on characters from the film. One of the great things about this particular Jurassic spin-off is that you can actually win some cash while enjoying a fun-themed game. Visit the Lucky Nuggets site to sign up to see more slots or to discover the thrilling world of Jurassic Park slots.

If you’re into mobile games, there’s also Jurassic World: The Game, which involves building your own dinosaur park. Along the way you can collect and evolve new dinosaurs, upgrade your park, and of course, fight dinosaurs. If you want to

Board Games

If you are looking for some offline fun, Monopoly: Jurassic World Edition could be just what you are looking for. Of course there is a Jurassic World Monopoly – you dream it and you can be almost certain, Monopoly make it, and as a Jurassic fan you will want to own this game. Instead of property you buy and sell dinosaurs and attractions associated with the franchise and the collectable symbols such as the helicopter, DNA sequence, Park vehicle and T-Rex skull are enough to get any Jurassic world giddy.


Should you be more of a buy it and keep it in the box kind off collector, there is an assortment of collectors’ items out there, including character dolls and dinosaurs and DVD gift sets. You can even make your own sticker book courtesy of Panini, and this may be the simplest option if you are looking for something your children (and maybe you) can enjoy while waiting for the release of Jurassic World 2.

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