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Published April 5, 2017

Muscial comedy seems to be going through something of a renaisance at the moment; there’s a vast number of such shows at this year’s Festival, each with their own, unique style, and I do not envy Stew “Dad Jokes” Walker in choosing but a few to join him for the All Star Musical Comedy Showcase. And what a selection they were!

Joining Stew were Rohan Windle, Geraldine Quinn, and, headlining the night, local legend Greg “Coodabeen” Champion. Windle was an amicable MC, an erudite entertainer who quickly got the audience going. Up first was Quinn, who took to the stage in her inimitable style, and a powerful voice combined with hilarious lyrics. Stew was up next, presenting his signiture dad jokes, and whimsical musing on how – because of technology – quite a few classic songs need a bit of an update. Rounding out the night was Champion; his footy related humor has been bringing laughter to audiences for several decades, and his experience as a performer is clearly evident.

The All Star Musical Comedy Showcase contains a remarkable collection of performers, and is an utterly entertaining evening.


The All Star Musical Comedy Showcase was on as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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