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‘I hope audiences will be moved to continue the conversation about homelessness’ – Kineisha Nottle on Lost:5 by Daniel Keene

Til Knowles

Homelessness is an ongoing and urgent issue throughout Australia. In Victoria alone, around 22,800 people are experiencing homelessness. It’s the topic at the heart of Lost:5 by…

Gravity Dolls’ Tim Rutty talks about doing handstands on PVC pipes, improvised circus and the Poppy Seed Theatre Festival

Til Knowles

Here at Popculture-y, board games, 80s and 90s video games, Japanese game shows, and circus are some of our favourite things, so it’s a great…

‘People are much more likely to listen to you if you make them laugh’ – Sasha Chong on not Burying Your Gays

Til Knowles

What’s better than star-crossed lovers? Star-crossed lesbian lovers, obviously. Romeo Is Not The Only Fruit takes your rom-com tropes and raises them to the point of…