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‘I think I’d turn out like Mark Latham’ – an interview with Jordan Shanks AKA friendlyjordies

Mitch Cunningham

Comedian, YouTuber and part-time inspirational speaker Jordan Shanks is one of those people you have to describe as ‘no stranger to controversy’. His channel, friendlyjordies, is…

“I don’t know what’ll happen if I ever settle down…” Rose Callaghan with Will You Accept This Rose

Nick Jones

Rose Callaghan is one of our favourite Melbourne comedians, and she’s back at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Will You Accept This Rose.…

“Audiences never remember what you say, they only remember how you make them feel” – an interview with Frank Hampster

Til Knowles

After getting a cease and desist letter twenty four hours before his comedy festival show last year, Frank Hampster is back with The Cardinal Sins…