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‘It feels good to laugh in the face of tension!’ – Lucy Peach talks menstruation, sex education and warm socks

Sam Jones

  Sex educator/musician/comedian Lucy Peach has landed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with her show My Greatest Period Ever. Known for her gentle folk…

“In the current theatrical climate it feels like the well-written play is an Avant Garde concept” – director Ben Pfeiffer on the Melbourne premiere season of ‘Wit’

Til Knowles

I don’t mean to give away the plot, but I think I die at the end. Vivian Bearing (Jane Montgomery Griffiths) is a brilliant and…

“Gender should not be a factor in determining our quality of life.” – Rachael Dyson-McGregor talks about ‘The F Word’

Katherine Back

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Melbourne’s Playback Theatre has assembled a team of special guests for The F Word, an evening of storytelling, music,…