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“It’s been great to be able to create something where all the small moments between characters are engaging queer themes and also presenting them as normal, not as the ‘other'” – an interview with David Coombs

Katherine Back

David Coombs’ new production Uncovered is the only one of it’s kind at this year’s Midsumma Festival. It’s a circus show that pushes and pulls the…

“Queer visibility is a pet topic of mine” – an interview with Lisa-Skye about her current spoken word production, the Invisibles 2

Katherine Back

Stand-up comedian and upstanding queer Lisa-Skye is hosting a follow-up to the acclaimed 2013 spoken word event The Invisibles as part of the 2016 Midsumma…

“They’re the reason I’m doing it”: Terence O’Connell on his actors, true crime stories, and his latest production

Til Knowles

As part of the 2016 MidSumma programme, well renowned director Terence O’Connell has taken on Thrill Me: the Leopold and Loeb Story. Based on gruesome…